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  • What steel do you use?
    I use many different types of steel depending on the intended use of the blade. 1084, 1095, 15n20, 52100, 5160. I use some recycled masterials like old files, railroad spikes, leaf springs and bush hog blades.
  • Do you make custom orders?
    I love doing custom work, anything from choppers, outdoor knives to kitchen knives. If we can imagine it, we will do it. Let's put our minds together and put your dreams and desires to the Anvil. I also do some custom woodworking. Tell me what you would like to have built. Contact us on the custom order page in the website for more details!
  • How do I place a custom order?
    It's very simple. You can click on the custom order page for details. It will send us an email with your information. I will reach out to you by phone. Together we will decide on materials, design, finish and other options desired. Upon receiving confirmation, your order will be added to my books on a First come, First serve basis.
  • Why do you force a patina or use coffee etching?
    On a carbon steel blade, there is special care to prevent it from rusting. By forcing a patina or etching in coffee, it protects the blade from the initial rusting. With continued use and care the patina will develop deeper and protect your blade naturally. Please watch following video on the proper Care of Carbon Steel Knives by Walter Sorrells CLICK HERE
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